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MB Environmental Ltd. is made up of a team of experts who are committed to comprehensive hazardous waste material that is good for the environment and our communities. With over 30 years of combined experience, we specialize not only in mold removal but also in the removal of asbestos, lead, fungus, oil tanks, mildew, viruses, odours, bacteria, and any other type of hazardous waste that is affecting our right to live in healthy spaces.

Our friendly customer service team can help you find the right abatement and remediation solutions that you need in order to breathe easy in your living spaces. We serve the Vancouver area, where we comply with all provincial regulations including the IICRC, Worksafe BC, and the OHS.

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MB Environmental's team works with families, professionals, and entrepreneurs of all backgrounds to help accomplish their vision, through maximizing efficiency of any pre-construction and renovation needs.

Our team take great pride in providing a full service of all Pre and Post Construction needs, they understands that the quality and safety of work is essential to setting the perfect pace and tone for clients construction schedule.

Our foremen and supervisor have successfully seen through various landmark projects supporting MB Environmental's vision of involvement with Vancouver’s historical landmarks and future development. Our wider team have completed various Historical and Heritage Class A and C retention and remedial projects throughout the Downtown East Side, Gastown, Yaletown, and Shaughnessy. Other more memorable projects like the ‘Georgia Cannery – Exterior Restoration’ and ‘Granville & 57th Wall Development’ have been major achievements; whilst providing timely completion and satisfactory results.

As part of our ever-growing amazing team we have experienced Occupational Hygienists, highly skilled Abatement Specialists, and attentive Restoration Technicians; all greatly impact the quality, and high level of safety standards required to sustain a positive foothold within the Hazardous Materials, Deconstruction, and Restoration industries. “MB Environmental Ltd. your solution to environmental pollution”